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COVID19 Protocol

Our goal as a BioEnergy Balancing practitioner is to help you bring your body into balance through examination of emotional and physiological patterns, and in measuring stress response within the body.  It is documented that stress can lead to blocked energy which can lead to all types of disease in the body.  Although we don't treat symptoms or cure any disease, you will find that as your energy begins to flow more freely and your body systems become balanced, your symptoms will clear.  We use the Spectra Scan to help determine energy flow and blockages.  It will read EMG information.  This information will be assessed for the gland, meridian, and organ energy systems in the body. The remote scan through ​SpectraVision technology allows remote scans by evaluating energy and electrons emitted from either hair, saliva, or a recent photograph.  These are placed on the receiver plate, best described as a reverse process of how an MRI machine works.  Instead of copying the order of hydrogen molecules to create a picture, it takes the picture to simulate the position of electrons.  The computer then prioritizes the electrons into specific substances in order of biological preference and its affect on your body.

During the current Corona Virus concerns Wellness Revolution Club is offering you the following options:

​For those of you who have chosen to self isolate, we offer remote scans.  This is done with your picture and offers the same results as in-person scans.  This scan will evaluate more specifically than our basic nutrition scan.  It will include Methylation protocol as well as scanning for viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc.  This remote scan capability is available to any and all by calling our office.   We also recommend maintenance dosages of virex, colloidal silver, immuno-plus, or other anti viral products for everyone.  Any products or supplements can be mailed to you. 

  • ​​Monthly Club members - You can receive a remote SpectraVision scan at no additional charge.  Simply take a selfie, email it to us at   We will do the remote scan and give you a call.  

Contact us for more information on how you can receive all the benefits of our Biofeedback scans within the convenience and comfort of your own home.

SpectraVision / Biofeedback

can be done remotely .