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Our office procedures are unique in the sense that we look at the whole body and the individual to make recommendations for treatment and a complete wellness system.  We use nutrition and therapies to stimulate the body's natural healing response.  This program is the most advanced wellness program available today.

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"Spread the good news with such abundance that the bad has no place to survive.”

At the Wellness Revolution Club we acknowledge the word “doctor” means teacher, and healing comes from God’s grace and mercy. 


 Dr. Lee is happily married with three children, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren. He received his first doctorate degree in 1983. Second Doctorate in Public Health, 1998. Still in private practice today, he has participated and collected extensive credentials. Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in Georgia; Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in Florida; American Disability and Evaluation Research Institute; National Association of Disability Evaluation Physicians; Consultant for State Farm; Allstate, Colonial Penn, Geico, The Hartford, Progressive Insurance companies; Continuing Education instructor for American Medical Association’s A4M, Logan College, Life University, Nutri-West Pharmacy grade nutrition, College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, Lead Nationwide Instructor for Brimhall Wellness, cold Laser Instructor Erchonia Medical, C.P.R Wellness, Nationwide Lead Instructor, Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Clinical Proficiency Life University, Nationwide sole instructor Phytobiophysics U.S.A.; Auricular Medicine; Acupuncture; Activator Methods; Medix Microscopy and Terrain Flow Techniques; Thompson Techniques; S.O.T.; Applied Kinesiology; past local Atlanta pro sports team physician and frequent guest speaker on radio and television programs


National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Life College Alumni Association

International Chiropractic Association (FCA)

Georgia Chiropractic Association (GCA)

Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA)

Certifications and Seminars Radiology

Certificate of Proficiency in Chiropractic X-Ray at Life College Applied Kinesiology

Certificate of Completion Applied Kinesiology Module I (100 hours)

Certificate of Completion Applied Kinesiology Module II (100 hours)

Certificate of Completion of Goodheart Seminar. Addictionology

C.Ad. Certificate from American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders Auricular Therapy

Certification Auricular Therapy / ECPR Brian & Spinal Trauma / Injury

Rating of Impairment for Disability Evaluation by the American Medical Association

Certified in Work Comp Injury in Florida and Georgia

Certified for Disability Evaluation by American Medical Association

National Association of Disability Evaluating Physicians

American of Disability Evaluation Institute Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

MUA certified

MUA recertified by American Academy of Manual & Physical Medicine

Certified in Hospital Protocols Laser Therapy

Certificate of completion of multiple low level laser seminar (Erchonia)

Certified Instructor for LLLT and license renewal Wellness Seminars Brimhall Seminars

Certified Instructor Spectra Vision Seminars on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness, Certified Instructor.

Additional Techniques

Thompson Technique

Extremity Adjusting



Motion Palpation

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Certified in the Webster Technique

Activator Technique

German New Medicine Variable Percussor / Adjustor

Faculty Experience

Life College of Chiropractic Assistant Radiology Program

Life College of Chiropractic Senior Intern Program

Life College of Chiropractic Clinical Proficiency Instructor

Life College of Chiropractic Pediatric Instructor

Logan College Continuing Education Instructor

Other Achievements

Team Doctor Atlanta Attack Professional Soccer

License Renewal Instructor Nutri-West Nutrition

Guest Lecture A4M, Council on Anti-Aging, Radio and TV

Zyto Physician Advisory Board

Dr. Lee is currently accepting appointments to speak with your church or group on health related topics. If you would like to schedule an appointment visit the office at your convenience.

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Christy Morehouse
Office Manager

David G. Lee D.C., Ph D., C.Ad

Joyce Hydzik
Therapeutic Modality Coordinator
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