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Mendara Cromwell with Cyma Technologies shared the following testimonial with us recently.

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 I started my new diet and supplements on Friday, April 1 and so far I have stuck exactly to the recommendations from Dr. Lee.  The exercise in the morning is tough but I am getting used to it.  The diet isn’t far from what I had already been doing led by my Physician.  A few changes were only needed.  The one thing that I want you two to know is what my blood sugar levels are doing.  Yesterday morning, I saw the lowest level I have checked so far.  It was 120.  Throughout the day yesterday, it dropped to 100 at lunch and to 83 at supper.  This morning, I was shocked to see that for the first time ever, it was 87!  This was the lowest I have ever seen it.  I suppose that the new diet and the supplements are working! 

Very happy!        

Best Regards, J.F.

Decades ago, I went to my first chiropractor because of sciatic nerve pain and continued going to chiropractors when my neck and back were out.  For the past five years or so, I had an additional problem... my left hip hurt most of the time.  Each time I mentioned the left hip pain to various chiropractors, they either ignored my pain or made feeble attempt to help in that area. 

Finally, when I began coming to Wellness Revolution, I met Dr. Lee and told him about the left pain.  He mentioned that the pain had something to do with "betrayal".  When I did a Neuro Set, that same word, betrayal, came up again and immediately three people popped into my mind -- my first and second husbands, and my former best friend from childhood.  Once the Neuro Set was over, I was told that after I slept overnight the pain in my left hip would subside.  Upon awakening the next day, the pain had lessened.  Over the next two or three days, the pain got lighter, and by about the fourth day, the pain was gone!

It is now about five months after that particular neuroset and the pain has not returned. 

So grateful for the Wellness Revolution and all the wonderful people who work there!


I would like to share with current and prospective ICE members (ICE is Doctor Lee’s Wellness Revolution Clinic in Orlando, Florida) my experience since joining “The ICE Club”. I retired from a 29 year career in Law Enforcement due to injuries sustained as an Army Reservist in Iraq in 2003. I went through seven surgeries and the end result was permanent spinal cord damage. It was mild TBI and chronic pain. To top that off, I was diagnosed with RA in 2009, I have been under the medical care of the VA since 2004 and took 13 different medications a day. At one point I was taking 90mg/day of Oxycodone combined with 75 mg/day of Morphine. God blessed me in December of 2012 when a friend “dragged” me to the ICE Club. 29 years in Cop work had me skeptical! At first, I didn’t believe the “Toys” could be of any benefit even through the concept that made sense. Amazingly, after one month my pain level went down. It has now been four months. I am a patient of Dr. Lee weekly “Toy” user and drinking the Kangen water. I have lost 30 pounds!!! I DON’T TAKE ANY NARCOTIC PAIN PILLS!!!!! I can’t remember when i felt this good and everyone says I look good! To be honest, I didn’t believe this at first, but kept an open mind. God shed his Grace on me by putting ICE and Dr. Lee in my life. Life is so much more than just medicating symptoms. Praise God!

Steve VCSO, Lieutenant (Ret) Chief Warrant Officer Three (Ret) U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command


For 7 1/2 years I have had to lie flat on my back with no pillow while I slept. This morning I woke up with a pillow under my neck without any numbness or pain! The other night we took a co-worker out for a goodbye dinner and I was able to sit for part of the meal with little pain or numbness. A co-worker who i’ve worked with for over 15 years said “Leslie, that is the longest i’ve seen you sit in years.” I said “Praise God!” Thank You Jesus and Thank You Dr. Lee

Praise Reports

are the testimonies

of valued patrons at the Wellness Revolution Clinic that have allowed God and Dr. Lee to heal their bodies structurally, chemically and emotionally.

I found the Wellness Revolution Club of Woodstock at a time when I was under treatment for a resistant staph infection that was threatening my toe and foot.  After 3 months of Western treatment, complete with daily infusions of intravenous antibiotics, I was not healing. I was growing more ill with reactions to medications that weren’t working. I was told that if I postponed amputation for too long, the infection would enter my bloodstream and I would be dead in 2 weeks. God had better plans for me. While at the club, I met people who had been healed of all sorts of infirmities and I was soon among their number. I came to the club twice a week for 6 weeks, and one a week for 2 or 3 months. The infection left my body through the skin on my toe where it had entered. It looked like a white paste which was easily scraped off, leaving new healthy skin beneath. Dr. Lee told me I had created an inhospitable environment for the infection and it had left as quickly and directly as possible. I praise God leading me, for my healing, and for my future to share good news.
                                       – Member at Woodstock, GA since January 2012

I’ve dabbled in health and fitness for a few years. There are so many different versions of what is healthy. I would read about new supplements and try them, but not seeing much difference. One could say I have been wandering in my own Health Wilderness. I wanted an alternative to the traditional health care. I wasn’t interested in the newest FDA drug. I met Maret and heard her testimony. I was curious so I started the Kangen Water. My main health problem was allergies and digestive issues. Since using the Kangen Water, and the technology at Wellness Revolution Club, I have felt so much better! I appreciate the way Dr. Lee has helped me personalize the problem areas of my life as not just a physical issue, but learning to connect the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my health.

I realized several years ago that most of the people I knew that visited a medical doctor regularly were prescribed prescription medications for a variety of ailments. The cultural message of our time seems to be that no matter how bad your health gets, there is always a pill to fix it. I have always been motivated to be pro-active regarding my health. When I heard about Wellness Revolution and Dr. Lee, I was excited about a place where the goal is optimal health. I have no physical problems and take no medications but my long term goal is to stay healthy. The Wellness Revolution Club has left me feeling better than ever. I never thought I felt bad but over the past year working with the club I have more energy than ever. I feel so blessed to have this incredible center for wellness in our area. Thanks to Maret for providing such a warm and friendly atmosphere for wellness and to Dr. Lee for his alternative techniques to help us achieve optimal health!
                                     – Member since January 2013

I am thankful for Wellness Revolution Club  because of the positive changes in my body. When I started attending, I was walking with a cane and had dangerously high blood pressure. I've been using the club technology, meeting with Dr. Lee, and drinking the Kangen Water. I saw my primary care physician recently and his instructions were, "Keep doing what you're doing." He was very pleased with the positive changes in my health. I say, "Praise Godfor Wellness Revolution Club".
                                      – Member since April 2013

I was taking 13 medications after going through 7 surgeries and dealing with chronic pain. I was also diagnosed with RA in 2009. My pain levels went down after one month of using the club technology. I began seeing Dr. Lee each month and drinking the Kangen Water. I lost 30 pounds and stopped all narcotic pain medicine. I can’t remember when I felt this good and everybody says I look good. To be honest, I didn’t believe in this at first, but kept an open mind.  God shed His Grace on me by putting Wellness Revolution Club of Florida and Dr. Lee in my life.  Life is so much more than just medicating symptoms!