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The VibraWav machine is used at our Wellness Revolution Clinics. The machine was used by austronauts in the Russian Space Program. It helps with muscle deterioration and helps improve your bone density. Lose Weight effortlessly with the Vibrawave!

Weight Management:
Effective method of muscle stimulation and toning
Accelerates fat loss
Reduces cellulite
Decreases toxins and the stress hormone - cortisol
Increases blood flow oxygenation
Enhances body metabolism
Improves lymphatic drainage
Increases core conditioning

Beauty & Well-Being:
Aids your total beauty and well being management
Visible firmness and smoother skin due to increased collagen production
Reduces muscle tension
Passively works body muscle groups
Reduces stress levels
Balance of body and mind

Everyday Fitness:
Provides active people with a fast and effective workout
Increases muscle strength
Improves overall body tone
Increases core conditioning
Release of natural 'feel good' hormones
Improves balance and flexibility
Better range of motion

Injury Recovery:
Assists in injury prevention and muscle recovery treatment
Allows people with personal physical limitations a way to exercise
Low-impact vibration training strengthens muscles with minimal joint and ligament strain
Promotes healing by increasing blood circulation and helping bring oxygen to inflamed area

Active Aging:
Enhancing wellness and the overall quality of life
Provides a low-impact way to exercise
Increases circulation
Improves balance & stability
Improves muscle tone & strength
Increases energy levels
Aids bone mineral density which helps fight the effects of osteoporosis