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Sound Beam

The Photon Energy Sound Beam utilizes a patented electrical stimulation process which causes the H2O in the blood, lymph, and tissues to produce additional oxygen molecules.  As a result, sports injuries and over 150 different disease conditions may improve and heal or repair much quicker.

The lymphatic system is critical to health.  It doesn't have a central pump but relies on micro muscular stimulation, deep breathing and physical movement to keep it in motion.  Many influences in the modern world serve to thicken the fluid and slow its flow.  It is key that we do what we can to ensure the happy free-flow of the lymph.  Virtually everyone benefits from healthful lymph stimulation.  The more sedentary or ill a person is, the more important is healthful lymph stimulation.

The PSB utilizes inert or "noble gases" contained in glass tubes.  These rare gasses are a family of chemical elements, unique because they are inactive chemically, they do not combine with other elements to form compounds.  The noble gases are found in small concentrations in the air on Earth.

To understand frequency and the use of frequencies for health, it is first necessary to recognize that everything is vibrating.  Even solid materials are made up of atoms assemble into molecules that are vibrating.  Sophisticated instruments are able to detect and measure these vibrations.  Materials or substances whether they are animate or inanimate, are distinct from one another because of their differing rates of vibration.  The difference in vibrations is measured by the frequency of vibration.  This is measured in cycles per second -- the unit for expressing the frequency of vibration in Hertz.  Vibration produces both sound and light, as well as all other manifestations in our world.

Oxygen is VITAL to all living things on planet earth.  If the human brain is deprived of oxygen for just a few minutes, it will simply begin to shut down and eventually death will occur.  Similarly, if human blood becomes chronically low in oxygen a condition called acidosis results.  Acidosis in turn is linked to over 150 different disease conditions, and this lack of oxygen retards wound healing and injury repair.  Acidosis is also the primary factor in aging.