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Kangen Water

Change your water and change your body. It is not just the pH. It’s not just the filter. IT IS THE PARTICLE SIZE OF THE WATER MOLECULE THAT DETERMINES WHETHER YOUR INDIVIDUAL CELLS BECOME HYDRATED OR JUST WASHED ON THE OUTSIDE. Most filter systems and bottled waters alike produce water that is 2-4 times too large to pass thru the pores of your cell walls. Learn why and how the AquaPorin (pores on the cell wall) allow water in and out of your cells. Your body is 72% water! Make sure that your water you are drinking is not the same water that you are urinating. Watch the video on Kangen Water. All new patients will have access to a free 30 day trial of the Kangen drinking water, pH 8.5 - 9.5, for 30 days after their initial visit to experience, personally, the benefits of the water and to make an educated decision on future water choices.  Miracles are happening.  For more information on Kangen water visit