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Ionic Footbath

Foot Bath

Place your feet (or hands, or even whole body) in a slightly salted container of water with an array in the water that is also attached to the Ionic Cellular Detox Device.  The array circulates a very minimal and alternating positive and negative ionic flow in the water.  This facilitates the red blood cells that are flowing through the area that is under water to become more electrically charged and more mobile. 

Most healthy cells maintain around -90mv from inside to outside.  This overall net charge allows for many processes to occur such as nerve conduction, ion pumps, balance of proper pH, and membrane transportation of non ion materials.  When the overall net voltage drops, the cells start losing the ability to function.  Some studies show that people near death will have voltage gradients under -10mv.

The change in the water color is due to the chemical reactions of the water, water chemicals, skin oils, dead skin cells, salt, and rust on the array.  The color change in the water does not represent toxins exiting the body.  For years, some manufactures of Ionic Cellular Detox Systems have suggested that different colors in the water represent different types of toxins exiting the body.  Fact: there is no science to support these claims.  In fact, the water often changes colors even without a body part in the water.

What is happening as the water changes colors is that the subject in the water is increasing their red blood cell's ability to carry materials around the body by adding electrons.  The red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs, nutrients from the gut, and electricity from the heart to all of the cells of your body.  When the red blood cell has delivered its cargo, it carries toxins back out of the body and then returns to be reloaded with oxygen, nutrients, and electricity.

Sixty (60%) of our toxins exit through the breath.

Thirty (30%) exit via the skin

Seven (7%) exit via the colon.

Three (3%) exit via the bladder.

The Ionic Foot Bath runs a voltage between 0mv and -300mv and then 0 to +300mv.  This re-energizes the cells, allowing them to start functioning properly again.  This also allows the cells to eliminate toxins from the body, reestablish proper pH, and much more.

It is not the Ionic Foot bath that causes the release of toxins or balance the pH; these are both reactions to re-energizing the cells.  This is also why when a very sick person begins treatment, it may take several sessions in the Ionic Foot Bath before he or she sees much change to the water.

By doing an Ionic Foot bath, you have helped to reestablish the voltage in your body needed for nerve conduction which enables adjustments to hold better and last longer. 

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter, think more clearly, be more energetic, and enjoy a greater sense of overall well-being.  Individuals dealing with health related issues can expect to see results over the length of their treatments in the office and with the Foot Baths.

Ionic foot bath / cellular detox "foot bath"

Restore the Body's Energy and Balance

How Cellular Detox Works:

Every time your heart beats it produces on Watt of power which is transmitted around your body.  This helps us to power all of the electrical systems within our body, such as maintaining an electrical gradient from the inside to the outside of a cell.