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Hello Dr. Lee,

I hope your summer has been enjoyable and smooth sailing!

Thanks so much for allowing us to do a little research on the effectiveness of the Respiratory protocol in your office.

Attached is a video clip of Marsha while at your office doing our Respiratory research.  She has agreed for us to share her testimonial.
Also attached are the thermographic images indicating the decrease in inflammation in the respiratory zones after doing CYMA.  You will see the sound maintains the reduction of inflammatory tissue for 72 hours after application of CYMA.  We recommend a six-week protocol and then a reassessment with you or your staff.  Already, in her testimonial she shares (after just two sessions) her improvements in being able to breathe more freely and without supplemental oxygen.  She has more stamina and energy!

The analogy we use at Cyma Technologies is that when we find the  body challenged, it is "out of tune," and can take up to six weeks for the cells to remember their healthy song.  The AMI 750 acts as the "master pitchpipe" to "tune up" the cells.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the images or success of the protocol.  We know Cyma works within 30 minutes.  We know the sound continues to work for 48-72 hours. For long term, challenging conditions we suggest a six-week protocol to "reverse the tide."

Thanks again for allowing us to do this in your office!

Very best regards,
Mandara Cromwell

CYMA Technologies

MK   Diagnosis:  COPD




Post session scans indicate reduction of inflammatory process.

Success of therapy is maintained at 72 hours post session;

Scans indicate loss of progress at 96 hours between sessions.

It is recommended frequency of AMI 750 sessions occur between 48-72 hours to maintain inflammation control and regeneration.


Respiratory protocol & CYMA Technologies

AMI Advanced Technology in the Science of Sound
• applied through the pathways of Meridian therapy
• based on the audible frequency programs researched by British osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners
• combined with today’s internationally patented technology to deliver phenomenal and fast results
A New Wave in Sound Techniques

Sound therapies of many variations are becoming more widely accepted every day. Music therapy, for example, is commonly used for reducing stress, for pain management, and in delivery and operating rooms as well as to treat the elderly, the mentally challenged, and those with special learning needs and emotional issues. Ultrasound is another example. Practitioners now prescribed ultrasound to diagnose tumors, clean wounds, pulverize kidney stones and alleviate pain and sore muscles and backs.

CYMA Therapies

Uses frequencies and sound waves to heal your body emotionally and physically. CYMA relieves stress, relieves aches and pains, heals Peripheral Artery Disease and adds energy to your body! Low Level Laser Therapy Our painless and harmless laser treatments will modulate arthritis, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, trouble with your nervous system and speed healing.

Cyma Technologies instruments are the culmination of over 50 years of research and development. Cyma Technologies has developed unique and internationally patented instruments that deliver precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. These sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell’s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.