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The National Cancer Institute statistics for 2009 are 1, 479, 350 new cancer cases nationwide.  With 562,340 resulting in death.  The same group reported an increase in female lung, non hodgkin's lymphoma, and myeloma of the skin cancers.

Carcinoma starts in the skin or organ lining.

Sarcoma begins in the bone, cartilage, fat, blood.

Leukemia is from the bone marrow.

Lymphoma and myeloma begin in the immune system.

CNS Cancers are of the brain and spinal cord.

NOTE:  The number one cause of death listed on death certificates at American hospitals is: KIDNEY FAILURE.

To understand what program will work best for you, let's discuss a short parable about what it means to be in balance and healthy.  Imagine yourself hiking on a crisp fall day under a deep blue sky.  You feel in tune with the universe as you head down the trail.  Before too long you feel a tiny stone in your shoe.  The first few steps taken after noticing the stone are awkward and now you are carefully trying no to put pressure directly on the stone.  The stone is annoying and uncomfortable but there's not a good place to stop and take off your shoe.  You continue as best as you can, now adjusting your pack and how you lift your leg to take a step.  A little further down the trail, you feel a painful blister on your foot.  Stepping off balance has become a strain on your calf muscle.  Finally you stop and take off your shoe.  As you bend to pull off your shoe, pain shoots down your leg and you feel the strain on your back -- which was twisted as you were offsetting the weight to avoid the stone.  You pad the blister, put your shoe back on and continue on your way.  Even though the stone is gone you now limp to compensate for the pain in your calf, your back, and the blister on your foot.  This creates a strain on the knee of your other leg.  By the end of the hike, your entire body is sore.  That night, even though you are exhausted, you have trouble sleeping.

Now imagine being able to find and remove the stone before ever taking the first step or before getting out of balance.

Every disease process begins with a shock, trauma, or surprise to the body system.  The brain creates a coping mechanism to deal with the shock, trauma, or surprise.  This is an attempt to protect ourselves from the pain and discomfort of the shock, trauma, or surprise.  For example, modern science has shown with MRI studies that the specific part of the brain that controls an organ system in the body will exhibit visible rings of inflammation around those tissues in the brain when that person has a health challenge issue.  If the person is cured of their "disease", the ring of inflammation disappears on follow up MRI studies.   Subsequently, we may now be able to predict lesions and "disease" by finding the brain inflammatory regions prior to the discovery of the diagnosed disease.  Evidence of this "brain swelling" or inflammatory response may also be evident for other disease processes as well.  Everything from Autism to Alzheimer's!  The theory is that the shock or surprise and resulting coping mechanism creates this brain inflammation and thus the resultant malfunction of information from the brain to the tissues.  the body receives a message to build more cells at a faster than normal or necessary rate, with possible results of growths, tumors, or other mutated cells.

By identifying and reprogramming the holographic computer of the brain and body, the therapy is able to merge the files of the body to a corrected state.  Often taking the body out of conflict and turning on the healing phase of a disease process.  Any of the healing phase symptoms are necessary for the complete healing of the whole body.  so often, the masking of the sysptoms is keeping the person from actually healing.  This is where supportive care such as but not limited to: nutritional supplementation, pulsed electrical magnetics, photon sound beam, detoxification techniques, ionic foot baths, massage, chiropractic, low level light, cold laser, color, sound therapies, and low level hyperbaric therapies may be very helpful to assist in the restoration of health.

This is where Dr. Lee presents that healing from the inside out first, compliments and assists the additional healing from the outside in; to provide superior results.  It is the synergy of all these parts working together that provides the miracles of healing.  Dr. Lee will also provide insights for condition specific Pearls of Nutrition and other advanced nutritional considerations for your improved health.  We specialize in difficult cases of Structural/Neurological Stress, Weight Loss Management, Chemical/Nutrition Imbalances, Hidden Emotional Stressors, and chronic conditions.

Our techniques allow you to reset the programming of your brain.  Or in effect, to change the "home page" of a stressor that is affecting the body.  If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  Once the neurological stress reduction has taken effect, then the other healing modalities and treatment seem to work exponentially faster.  Without the neurological stress reduction most of the medicines and therapies appear to be just chasing the symptoms without resolution of the cause.

A biofeedback device, with accurate and pinpoint results, is used for testing and scanning the patient's body.  On the initial scan, we are identifying the top stressors that are affecting your body.  We then make a copy of those stressors from the computer to use for specific testing on your body.  We nicknamed this copy of your stressors, "your kryptonite", because these are actually the things that may cause the brain inflammation that we talked about above.  An additional test of your bio coherence may be performed.  This test allows us to locate which part of the body you are storing the majority of the toxins.  The follow up testing tells us when you have detoxified and monitors your overall balance of health.

People are not dying of cancer because of too many cigarettes or drinking of alcohol.  People are dying because of the reason that they smoke, drink, or other bad habits.  Bottom line is that many people die from the lack of knowledge.  

Wellness Revolution is a private club for whole body health restoration and maintenance. Science based Nano technology with cutting edge equipment and techniques that integrate the best of modern healing modalitites, quantum physics and nutritional support. We believe that it is the synergy of all the healing modalities together that provide the miracles we see daily. Not just one procedure, device, technique, or profession. We address your whole body health; Structural, Chemical, and Emotional for severe and difficult cases. Many of our members are Doctors and their families from other states and countries. Dr. Lee started his Private Practice in 1984 and today as a club we offer German New Medicine Concepts, Kangen Water, Biofeedback, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, Biomat, Low Level Light Therapy (lasers), Photon Sound Beam, Cyma therapy, Chiropractic, Variable Percussion, Vibracussor, Color Therapy, Eye Lights, Detox Programs, Variable Adjustor, Arthrostim, pharmacy grade nutritional supplements, Applied Kinesiology, Emotional Stress Relieve Techniques (Emotional CPR, EVOX, MindSet, Neuroset), Touch for Health, Laser Acupuncture, Allergy Desensitation/Elimination and Testing, Patient specific food and diet plans, Homeopathic imprinting and remedies, Functional Medicine, hormone evaluation/balance, Heart Lock, Magnet Therapy, Couple’s Integration, and Aurrcular Therapy. Feel free to come by our offices, first thing every business day, for a Christian devotion session of “Our Daily Bread” where we acknowledge the true healer, Our Lord Jesus Christ.