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The Spectra Scan is a medical grade biofeedback device that measures our physiological response to outside stimuli and base electrical resonance readings.  It is a totally painless test that involves attaching electrodes to your body.  This initial test takes only a few minutes.  The second part of the test involves EAV, or Electro Acupuncture by Voll.  Again, this is a totally painless procedure that does not involve needles, but rather a probe that will test your energy flow against meridian points on your hands or feet.

One's definition of health can be tied closely to an awareness of health and the body's ability to adequately respond to its environment without dis-tress.  In a very simple way, biofeedback can raise our level of aware-ness of the intricate interrelationships that we call "balance". 

As we become conscious of our responsibility for our own health and well being, biofeedback can play an increasingly integral part in our pursuit of health and wellness, and in the interaction of body, mind, and spirit.


Our goal as a BioEnergy Balancing practitioner is to help you bring your body into balance through examination of emotional and physiological patters, and in measuring stress response within the body.  It is documented that stress can lead to blocked energy which can lead to all types of disease in the body.  Although we don't treat symptoms or cure any disease, you will find that as your energy begins to flow more freely and your body systems become balanced, your symptoms will clear.  We use the Spectra Scan to help determine energy flow and blockages.  It will read EMG information.  This information will be assessed for the gland, meridian, and organ energy systems in the body.


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Additional applications of the Spectra-Scan and laser therapies available: