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office: 770-973-7533

fax: 678-398-7539

Club Hours

Monday - Thursday

8am - 5pm

CYMA Therapy:  mandara@cymatechnologies.com or 404-307-0593

Erchonia:  pcsneed@cox.net or Penny Sneed, 602-717-8321

Ionic FOOT BATH:  jwoolley@thenewhuman.com or 828-577-9539

Spectra Vision / Induction Low Level Cold Laser / Auricular and Acupuncture Lasers (red, green, infra-red working with technology):   jwoolley@thenewhuman.com or 828-577-9538

New Human Homeopathics & Nutrition  855-813-0884 www.thenewhuman.com

Holographic Disc and bands:  rodger@qt4me.com, Rodger McKensie, Athletics, performance, sleep.

KingBio – www.kingbio.com or 1-800-543-3245

Smart Pulse/heart rate variability and digital pulse analysis machine: 

docleewellness@gmail.com - 770-973-7533

MG-pro/ Tensegrity Therapy - Pulsed electromagnetics for cellular exercise from

Body Electric LLC:   www.pulsedpowertechnology.com or 770-334-2226

Microscopes and Live Blood Cell/ Dry Cell Education:   steve@biomedx.com
or 206-577-0037 ext. 901 

Nutri-West  Pharmacy grade nutrition  Worldwide: 800-443-3333 or 307-358-5066

Photon Sound Beam Lymphatic Therapy - Purchase through our office

VIBRAWAV therapeutic vibration therapy:   brad@vibrawav.com or 321-277-2906

WATER:  O.R.P. / Balanced KANGEN water that we provide for all of our patients

http://davidlee.enagicweb.info/   or 770-973-7533

 ZYTO Balance, (pro) Elite and Evok for nutritional testing, biofeedback, and emotional assessment: 

Janice Honeycutt at jhoneycutt@zyto.com or 801-877-5029